Drawing software commonly used in UV flatbed printers

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The UV flatbed machine is not only easy to operate, but also high-speed printing is suitable for industrial mass production. The operator only needs to prepare the pictures to be printed in the computer, and then click on the print to start the printing work and realize one-button printing. We need to process the image or design the pattern before printing. At this time, we will ask us to use the drawing software. What are the drawing software commonly used in flatbed printers?

    The most used drawing software for UV printer printing is PS. PS is called Adobe Photoshop. It is a bitmap image processing software developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. It is widely used and is one of the most popular applications for Windows. PS's expertise lies in image processing, editing and processing existing bitmap images, and applying some special effects to combine different objects to make the image change to achieve the desired picture effect. PS is used for graphic design, advertising photography, image creation, architectural design renderings, etc.

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, or CDR, is often used when printing on UV flatbed printers. Graphics Suite is a vector graphics production software developed by Corel, Canada. CorelDRAW can be used for both vector graphics and page design as well as for image editing. Simple operation can achieve a variety of dynamic special effects and dot matrix image real-time effects, commonly used in briefings, color pages, manuals, product packaging, logos and other design editors.

    Tablet printer printing photo design is used in Adobe Illustrator, referred to as AI. Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics production software from Adobe Systems. Adobe illustrator is an industry standard vector illustration for publishing, multimedia and online images. It is a great image processing tool with rich pixel rendering and smooth and flexible vector editing to quickly create design work. Process, design image size can be scaled at will. The biggest feature of AI is the use of Bezier curves, making operation simple and powerful vector drawing a reality. AI is widely used in printing and publishing, poster book layout, professional illustration, multimedia image processing, etc. It can also provide high precision and control for line drafts, and is suitable for producing any small project to large complex project.

In addition, if the customer has special requirements, you also need to install linear software. UV flatbed printer prepress image processing is very important, the higher the accuracy of the produced image, the better the printing effect, only the pattern is clear and realistic, in order to achieve the desired printing effect.


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