Solve the problem of pattern cross color in UV tablet

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The high-precision and perfect printing UV tablet can not only print a variety of colors at one time, but also the printed products are rich in color, clear and beautiful, but sometimes there may be a phenomenon of pattern cross-color, then what should we do with the pattern cross-color? The following Zhengzhou Lecai for everyone to analyze:

There are two reasons for the pattern cross-color of the UV flatbed printer: one is the oblique spray of the nozzle; the other is the problem with the circuit board.

1. The problem of oblique spray of the nozzle:

The oblique spray of the nozzle may be internally blocked, and the inside of the nozzle needs to be cleaned to ensure the smooth passage of the internal passage. If the nozzle is still blocked after cleaning, consider replacing the nozzle. At present, most of the nozzles used in UV flat screens on the market are oil-type nozzles of the fifth generation, non-aqueous and other nozzles. When replacing the nozzles, it is best to find the original manufacturer, because their nozzles are the most suitable for the printer, and they are all original. imported.

2. The problem with the circuit board card:

Because the phenomenon of oblique spray on the circuit board is mainly concentrated on the modified UV flatbed printer, the self-developed flatbed printer is not common. Since the modified printer is a circuit board card that uses a photo machine, a printer, etc., in order to realize the UV printing process, the manufacturer will put a lot of external things on the original circuit board, causing the UV tablet to be extremely unstable and causing problems. It is very strange, it is recommended that users find the manufacturer directly. It can be seen that when we purchase UV flatbed printers, it is best to find regular manufacturers and purchase their own research and development machines, so that the relative product technology should be mature.





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