Photo machine installation environment considerations

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High-precision photo machine is an indispensable printing equipment in the advertising inkjet industry. With the perfect printing requirements of the photo machine, we need to do the installation and learning maintenance of the photo machine in the early stage of use, so as to ensure the long photo machine. The service life brings greater benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, we need to know the requirements of the photo machine for the installation environment:

1: The installation and placement of the photo machine should pay attention to the level and smoothness of the photo machine. If the device is placed on a smooth surface, please ensure that the wheel brake is used to prevent the device from moving when it is working. If the device is not placed properly, it will cause the device to tilt. Turned or damaged. Tilting or easy to vibrate, which may cause the equipment to be tilted or damaged;

2: The requirements of the power supply voltage of the photo machine workplace, pay attention to the stability of the working voltage of the photo machine, do not use the photo machine with other high-power machines, because the instability of the voltage will affect the stability of the relevant parts of the photo machine. For example, piezoelectric instability is likely to cause damage to the nozzle and the associated control board. Users are advised to equip the photo machine with a power supply voltage regulator to provide more effective practical protection for the photo machine working environment;

3: Do not install volatile solvents in the vicinity of volatile solvents (alcohol or thinner). Contact with electronic components may cause fire and short circuit. Do not place anything on the surface of the photo machine. This may cause equipment. Failure or other impact on the surface of the photo machine;

4: When using the photo device, try to keep the temperature of 20C-28C, 40%-70% humidity; please do not use the device in the following places, for example, using the photo device in the following places may cause fire and short circuit. Excessively moist and dry places; places exposed to direct sunlight; places with high temperatures; places close to open flames or moisture;

5: Make sure that the photo printing equipment has enough operating space. If it is not used for a long time, be sure to remove the nozzle and soak it with cleaning liquid, and wrap the container with plastic wrap to prevent dust from invading and the cleaning liquid from evaporating. To ensure smooth operation, Sufficient operation space should be reserved before and after the equipment (2M front and rear, 3M left and right);

6: Do not arbitrarily disassemble the photo machine auxiliary accessories: every part of the machine has its function, do not remove it at will. Pay attention to the grounding line protection for the photo machine, especially in the dry season of winter, because the particles in the air are static, the static electricity generated by the friction between the medium and the equipment, the equipment itself has some leakage, etc. If the electricity is not grounded and the static electricity cannot be excluded, it may cause damage to the main parts such as the nozzle and the motherboard.



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