Heavy snow weather How to properly use and maintain machinery and equipment

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In the snowy weather, it is not only people who need to keep warm, but also photo machines and flag machines that bring us many benefits. In order to ensure high-quality and high-quality output, we should properly maintain and maintain our own machines. So what time should the machine and equipment pay attention to during this cold and snowy day?

1: In the cold winter, the machine equipment often fails or prints abnormally. The reason for blaming is the cold season, the temperature becomes lower, the humidity becomes larger, the ink fluency becomes worse, and the print nozzle is easily blocked.

2: Temperature requirements, such as photo machine, flag machine and other equipment have temperature requirements, generally 15-30 degrees Celsius, usually can be placed indoors thermometer, so that it is convenient to identify the working environment of the machine;

3: Humidity requirements: photo machine, flag machine, etc. for humidity requirements generally 40-60%, winter indoors have heating or air conditioning, especially in the northern region, so the indoor environment will be relatively dry, users can often use a sprayer to sprinkle water indoors Or mopping the floor; it is also possible to humidify the surroundings with a humidifier, which not only maintains humidity but also prevents dust and static electricity.

   In short, the maintenance of machinery and equipment in winter will make your equipment longer and the performance will be more stable.



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