How to deal with the discoloration of the photo machine

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The wide application of photo machine has become the main force of various industries. There are also some problems in the printing process. For example, when the photo machine is in the printing process, once the equipment stops to clean the nozzle, then a wide strip will appear when the inkjet continues to be printed. Light color strips. This is especially true when spraying solid colors (two colors). Why is this problem occurring?

     First of all, the photo ink is a volatile liquid. If the ink dries faster and the cleaning time is relatively long, plus some inkjet parts are very permeable. The ink that has been sprayed first is dry and then sprayed. It's hard to integrate ink, and in this case discoloration is naturally happening.

      The usual solution is to check the state of the nozzle before painting each screen, and if necessary, clean it, to avoid cleaning the nozzle during the printing process; in the case of faster drying of the ink, the above phenomenon may occur due to the pause time, so it is recommended. Everyone chooses the original ink.



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