How to maintain the piezoelectric photo machine nozzle every day

date :2018-1-25 15:16:09hits :59author:郑州乐彩

 The nozzle is the core component of the piezoelectric photo machine, and it is very delicate. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bad operation behavior during use, thus damaging the nozzle. Below, the Le Cai photo machine factory Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction to the precautions in the use process.

1. When using the photo machine daily, install the relevant circuit of the disassembled photo machine without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior will affect the service life of each system and cause damage to the nozzle.

2. Use inferior ink or freely add different batches of ink. Because the use of quality inks and cleaning fluids, the mixing of different configurations of ink will change the color and quality of the ink. The quality of the ink will affect the inkjet effect and block the nozzle. The quality of the cleaning solution may corrode the nozzle.

3. The cleaning and maintenance of the photo machine nozzle is not properly operated. For example, the entire nozzle is immersed in the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution has certain corrosiveness. Therefore, it is generally only necessary to take an appropriate amount into the nozzle for cleaning. In addition, leaving the cleaning liquid in the nozzle for a long time will also cause the nozzle to be prone to problems. The long-time immersion of the cleaning solution can remove the stain more effectively, but if the time exceeds 48 hours, it will affect the nozzle orifice.

4. Do not pay attention to protecting the circuit board and other internal systems when cleaning the nozzle. Turn off the power while cleaning, and be careful not to let water touch the board and other internal systems.

5. Use external force to adjust the position of the nozzle. Do not use brute force, whether it is to replace or fine-tune the nozzle. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the specifications.

6, the use of photo machine should pay attention to the impact of the supply voltage and static electricity on the nozzle. The voltage of the working environment is unstable, which is easy to cause the operation of the nozzle and related power supply main board and circuit. At the same time, the piezoelectric photo machine is susceptible to static electricity during the printing process, so the grounding wire of the machine must be well discharged, and the static electricity is discharged. When the grounding equipment is connected, periodically sprinkle a little salt water around the grounding wire.

The above is easy to affect the operation of the photo machine nozzle. The user must pay attention to the work and use of the daily photo machine, and must pay attention to it.


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