How should the piezoelectric photo machine nozzle be maintained?

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The piezoelectric photo machine nozzle is the core component, and once the nozzle has a problem, the piezoelectric photo machine will not work properly. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the piezoelectric photo machine nozzle. How to maintain the piezoelectric photo machine nozzle normally? I believe this is a problem that many users can't wait to understand.


In fact, the piezoelectric photo machine nozzle is also very easy to maintain, the most important thing is to pay attention to the details, develop good operating habits, usually, not only keep the nozzle, blade, ink stack clean and clean, but also pay attention to the nozzle and ink The area where the capsule is connected needs to be cleaned frequently to keep it clean. Finally, the user needs to be reminded that if the car is used up, it must be returned to the position, and the nozzle must be in line with the ink stack, so that the nozzle can be kept moist and not dry.


In addition, if you usually encounter a holiday, or if you are not using it for a long time, you need to take off the nozzle, and then soak the nozzle in the protective liquid. You need to remind you that the ink outside the nozzle should be cleaned before soaking. . Also keep in mind that do not use other inks other than the nozzle protection fluid to soak the nozzle.


If you don't want to take off the nozzle to maintain, you can also use another method, but mainly for oily machines, you can open the machine in about two or three days to pump the ink, so as to avoid the ink drying and blocking the nozzle, you can go inside in a week. Drop the cleaning solution, remember to fold the waste ink tube to prevent the cleaning liquid from flowing out.


The maintenance of the piezoelectric photo machine nozzle is as simple as this, as long as you usually pay attention to it.


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