How to solve the pull color line of the piezoelectric photo machine nozzle

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Is there a tension line or a color block on the piezo photo machine nozzle? Because of the many reasons, we separately said:

Reason one: related to auxiliary equipment. If there is a lack of ink between the entire nozzle or a plurality of consecutive spray points. The main reason for pulling the wire is that the nozzle does not spray or the ink supply is insufficient, and the negative pressure is unstable, causing the nozzle to hang ink. Most of them are caused by nozzle circuit board or negative pressure pump and ink supply pump failure. The abnormality can be eliminated by replacing the corresponding circuit board card, replacing the negative pressure pump, eliminating the defoaming fault or increasing the frequency of the defoaming pump, increasing the frequency of the ink supply pump, and periodically changing the filter.

Reason two: related to feathering. Generally, the solid line or the white line which is arranged in the direction of the nozzle is obviously equidistantly arranged, and the state diagram of the print head can observe that the splicing positions are overlapped, the spacing or the feathering is poor. This type of cable check adjusts the belt for normal operation. Adjust the nozzle's spray point transfer position or adjust the feathering to solve. It should be noted that in the case of printing different grayscale patterns, the degree of feathering required for the same handover position may be different.

  Reason three: related to the blocking point. Generally, it is a "white line" fixed at a certain color channel. When there are serious, there are multiple. There are many reasons for the blockage. If caused by operation and environmental factors, the product may be unevenly shaken; the process of adding ink may bring impurities such as dust; the cleaning nozzle is not standardized; the environmental dust adheres to the nozzle; the nozzle or sponge of the nozzle is cleaned and dried. Impurities such as ink or glaze powder. Ink and equipment: ink sedimentation, agglomeration to form individual fake particles; individual ink precipitation particles adhered to the tube wall in the ink pipeline after long-term operation or cleaning of the ink pipeline; filter quality is poor; ink supply pump, circulation The fine impurities caused by the wear of the pump and the stirring device; the ink supply mode of some inkjet nozzles without the circulation is easy to cause the ink to be blocked at the discharge end of the nozzle. The pull wire of the plugging property is usually squeezed and cleaned in sequence; the nozzle is wiped with a dust-free cloth moistened with the cleaning liquid; the ink supply to the nozzle is reversed, and the ink discharge tube is reversely flushed; the print voltage of the nozzle is appropriately increased to continuously print the high gray scale image. Remove the nozzle and perform special cleaning and other means to eliminate it.

Cause four; related to bubbles. It appears as a cable that is not fixed or that is significantly improved after squeezing and cleaning. The reasons for the bubbles in the nozzle are mainly the incomplete exhaust of the newly added ink, the leaking point of the ink path, the lack of ink supply, the residual air bubbles in the ink path, the insufficient opening of the defoaming pump, and the large negative pressure of the nozzle. The nozzle nozzle hole wear becomes large or has a perforation, resulting in suction, and the nozzle ink-filling tube has no air bubbles discharged. Identify the specific cause of the presence of air bubbles and eliminate the corresponding faults; increase the number of ink cleanings to eliminate the internal air bubbles in the nozzle.

Reason five: related to dark bricks. When the color of the brick is particularly deep, there is a phenomenon that the amount of ink in the large-area high-gradation image exceeds the ink supply capacity of the ink path, so that it is easy to cause the ink in the individual nozzle area of the ink of the excessive color to occasionally be lack of ink. The ink jet speed can be reduced by lowering the brick frequency; if necessary, the color design of the artwork can be adjusted; the ink jet of the micro-circulation ink supply can be considered to temporarily reduce the opening degree of the circulation pump and the like.

The above five cases are collected by Le Cai Xiaobian for your reference. Feel free to add new solutions and new solutions.


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