How to set up a computer that can connect to a network port photo machine and access the Internet

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When a user uses a piezoelectric interface with a network interface to connect to a computer, how can the computer be connected to the photo machine to print without affecting the normal connection between the computer and the local area network?

Nowadays, many domestic photo machines use online connection mode. For example, the photo machine adopts the online printing mode of the network port to avoid the cumbersome driver installation operation of the USB interface computer, simpler setting and more convenient use of the photo machine. At the same time, the data transmission between the computer and the photo machine is further improved. However, the online connection of the photo interface of the network interface occupies the network card interface of the computer, which affects the normal connection between the computer and the network. The online computer of the natural photo machine cannot access the local area network or the Internet, so how can the photo machine be connected to the computer? Can I connect to the network port to print the printer while still ensuring normal network access? Here are three settings for everyone, you can refer to the settings when you need the computer to access the Internet.

  method one:

If the user is using a laptop to carry out a photo machine connection. Usually laptops come with a wired network card interface (WAN port RJ-45 interface), a wireless network card. At this point, you can use the wired network card interface and the photo machine to set up online, use the wireless network card to connect to the wireless wifi network to access the Internet.


  Method Two:

Use a desktop computer or a computer-free online solution with no wireless network. Usually, the desktop computer is only equipped with a wired network card interface. Since the computer and the photo machine have already occupied the unique network card interface, there is no redundant network card to connect to the network. The solution is to install a network card for the desktop computer. Nowadays, the external network card with an external network card and a PCI interface is commonly installed on the market. (This network card requires a redundant PCI interface on the computer motherboard. You can purchase a PCI network card with 8139 chips for easy installation and operation. Use), there is a simple and convenient USB interface external network card, you can buy a wireless USB network card or a wired USB network card, plug and play, access the USB network card installed driver can be used, USB plug and play, Simple and convenient, users are advised to use this program.


Method three:

By changing the IP address of the photo machine's IP address and the local connection of the computer's network card, if you are not familiar with the settings related to the photo machine, this scheme needs to change the default IP address of the photo machine, and set the default IP address of the photo machine to The IP address segment assigned by your current network route, and then connect the machine to the router or related network switch. The computer is also connected to the router, and then connected online through the network. The connected computer can be connected to the photo machine. Inkjet printouts can also keep the original network connection online. This program suggests that you should not use it as much as possible, because it requires complicated settings, the operation is more troublesome, and the data transmission between the network routers is carried out. If the printed image data is relatively large, the transmission will be slow, and the photo machine will display the card. The problem is not recommended, and it is not explained in detail here.

If the user wants the computer to connect to the network port photo machine and can access the Internet at the same time, it is recommended that the user use Method 1 or Method 2 to install one more network card for the computer, which can easily realize the online printing of the computer and also easily access the sharing between the LANs. Go online.


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