The reason and solution for the piezoelectric printer to burn the motherboard easily

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We know that the piezoelectric photo machine if the maintenance is not appropriate, there will be a series of conditions, today to introduce you about the piezoelectric photo machine always burn the motherboard reasons and solutions      

There are actually several reasons why a photo machine burns the motherboard, the main reasons are:

      1, connecting the nozzle of the electrical route is not connected to cause burnout of the motherboard

      2, the voltage is too high, stable voltage does not remain at 220 voltage, resulting in burnout

      3, the photo machine's own power supply can not adjust the voltage caused by the machine short circuit burnout motherboard

      4, the electrolyte inside the machine can not break down some inferior ink, resulting in burnout of the nozzle, resulting in burnout of the motherboard

     For how to avoid the photo machine to burn the motherboard, what is the good solution?

      First, the photo machine to maintain a stable voltage when used;

 Second, the selection of good ink

   1, photo machine ink acid and alkaline, such as the metal parts of the photo machine contact Ink will be corroded off, it is recommended that you use neutral ph of the photo machine ink.

      2, observe the fluidity of ink, buy some trial ink in the air, one months to see if it has serious particle problems, you can identify its fluidity.

  3, ink surface tension problem is also a factor, the better the ink fluidity, the smaller the tension of the ink, the more fine the printed graphic lines.

     4, pay attention to the preservation of ink, must strictly control the indoor temperature, humidity, the lowest indoor temperature must not be less than 18 ℃, for the southern user temperature increase, but also to control the humidity in the room. Humidity over the assembly caused the picture is not easy to dry, the material is easy to damp, affecting the printing effect and the post-processing of the picture.



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