Domestic photo machine brand and quality choice

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     Outdoor inkjet rapid development environment, inkjet market on the photo machine and other high-precision high-speed printing equipment appears to be a large demand, with the user to inkjet higher level requirements, but also prompted the domestic photo machine to continue to the high performance and multi-functional field to develop. At present, many domestic printing equipment, many brands and production enterprises, as a member of the inkjet printing industry, for the purchase of domestic photo machine you have a wealth of experience and make the right product selection?

      I believe that many users in the choice of photo machine, often blindly go to pursue the photo machine inkjet printing speed, in fact, the choice of printing speed. Users should be clear, the standard speed is the main indicator to determine the efficiency of the inkjet machine, and one-sided emphasis on the highest speed, in fact, is a misleading behavior, for future use is not beneficial.

   Product development, brand and quality is the most important, this is also the direction of photo machine product development, a large number of products, brand and quality is the product can always stand on the top of the undefeated.

      First, the choice of domestic photo machine brand.

  With the development of inkjet printing technology, domestic inkjet printing control technology has a wealth of experience, but also a large number of traditional enterprises to join the domestic photo machine R & amp; D and production team. Now in the domestic operation of photo machine inkjet machine manufacturers are particularly many, but also every year in increments, a large number of photo machine brands, many photo machine models, different brand products often let users have no choice, so choose brand excellent goods for good, good brand good reputation of the photo machine products, Natural after-sales service capacity and product quality will be more robust.

      Second:Selection of quality of domestic photo machine

      As a photo machine products, its model, width, inkjet control technology, configuration level are the same under the conditions, why different brands of machines still have a large printing effect difference? This is the choice of product quality. For example, today's domestic piezoelectric photo machine, the application of most imported well-known large brands of Epson piezoelectric nozzle, by all accounts, the same case, why some machines run and print very stable, good color effect, high printing accuracy, and some brands of machines are prone to failure, and very unstable? This is the factor of product quality. For example, Henan le Color series of high-performance piezoelectric photo machine, regardless of the design and use of materials to high-quality as the core, quality as the main products, such as the use of high solid hard sheet metal material, machine structure more stable stability, procurement in the industry's large brand printing platform, mute guide rail, high-performance servo motor and so on, Quality and detail to achieve the high quality of the use of music photo machine stability, which is also a witness to the use of users.

      On the other hand, the choice of high-performance photo machine products, in addition to pay attention to brand and quality, for the photo machine is closely related to the selection of relevant quality supplies is also very important. For example, the choice of material quality of the photo machine, material selection on the nozzle has a large impact, such as purity, ph value, water content, impurities, etc., will directly affect the service life of the nozzle. There is also a choice of high-quality photo machine Manufacturers original ink is also very necessary, so said that high-quality raw materials are an important guarantee of high-quality ink, it is recommended that users in reducing the cost of ink at the same time, do not ignore the quality of ink raw materials.


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