What should I do if there are irregular color bars when the photo machine is drawing?

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      1, in the internal structure of the photo machine has a sophisticated printhead, so in the placement and daily use to avoid mechanical collisions and vibration.

    2. Because the size of the photo machine nozzle is comparable to the amount of dust floating in the air, it is easy to be clogged with dust, so keep the environment clean and avoid the dust in the air clogging the nozzle.

      3. The temperature of the working environment of the photo machine should not be too high, so as not to prevent the mechanical parts and nozzles of the photo machine from being corroded; the temperature change should not be too large, because the photo machine contains a large number of engineering plastic parts, and the nozzle aperture is very slender, Changes in nozzle aperture size can also affect print quality.

     4. The quality of the ink in the photo machine determines the quality of the printed image and also determines the service life of the nozzle. Photo Machine ink is divided into original ink and compatible ink, they are high-quality ink, no matter which one to choose, as long as you can meet the needs of printing. Trapped here, for more ink consumption of the photo machine, we can choose "cheap" non-original high-quality ink.

     5. After the original ink is completely used up, when using compatible ink, the first added compatible ink will be sprayed out in half, and then filled the cartridge and placed for 24 hours, the process can adapt the nozzle to the new compatible ink. In future use, each time should be used after the machine self-test, as long as each machine self-detector test diagram is good, the nozzle can use this compatible ink for a long time. Note that it is best to use the same brand of compatible ink for a long time.

      6. To select high-quality ink cartridges, otherwise it will cause nozzle blockage and affect the quality of printing, and even cause the entire printhead to be scrapped.

      7. For long time unused ink cartridges, can be placed in the ink box storage, to avoid nozzle blockage.

      8. For normal printing, but the lack of stroke or color, or high resolution image blur and other minor blockage, should be early use of the photo machine with the nozzle cleaning procedures to clean.

      9.If the machine frequently ink or clean the nozzle during the printing process, but the printing effect is still poor or the nozzle is seriously blocked, refuse to work, you should ask professional maintenance personnel to repair, do not arbitrarily remove the nozzle, so as not to damage the precision parts. Do not pay attention to maintenance, easy to appear broken lines, breakpoints, blur, confusion and other issues.



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