15000m² Factory, Almost 300 Staff &Technician

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Locor Printer—Factory Price—Hotsale Products


Locor Printer—20-Year Professional Large Format Printer Manufacturer

Locor High Speed 6ft 1.8m Digital Dye Sublimation Textile Printer with 3/4 pcs i3200 printheads

Locor High Speed 6ft

Hotsale products

Locor 1.6m/1.8m Dye Sublimation/Textile digital printer with DX5/5113

Locor 1.6m/1.8m Dye S

Hotsale products

Locor Easyjet 5ft/1.6m Eco Solvent Printer with DX5/XP600/4720/DX718s with DX5/XP600/4720/DX7

Locor Easyjet 5ft/1.6

Hotsale products

Locor UV-6090 Small UV Flatbed Printer for glass/bottles/phonecase customized gift printing

Locor UV-6090 Small U

Hotsale products

Locor Deluxejet 10ft 3.2m Heavy Duty Large Format Printer with DX5/DX7/DX11 (XP600) print head

Locor Deluxejet 10ft

Hotsale products

Locor 70cm DTF T-shirt/ Fabric Printing Solution-Powder Shaking Machine

Locor 70cm DTF T-shir

Hotsale products

Professional A3 DTF Printing Equipment Manufacturer DTF Printer with 2Pcs XP600 Heads for Any Fabric TshirtHot sale products

Professional A3 DTF P

Hotsale products

Locor A3 UV Flatbed Printer with 2 XP600 Printheads desktop printer

Locor A3 UV Flatbed P

Hotsale products

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Zhengzhou Locor Technology Co., Ltd.

20-year Printer Factory, Almost 300 Staff &Technician

Company Profile

With 20-year manufacturing experiences and 60,000sqm factory, Locor is capable of being a real manufacturer by building, mechanical processingmetal spray center. Zhengzhou Locor Technology Co., Ltd has registered capital 26,000,000RMB. We continue to make great effort, to research & develop more products , try to meet requirements of all customers.

With a team of old hands and high-quality cutting tools, Locor is able to produce printers with high quality and excellent stability.
With professional R&D team,
Locor already can respond to various customizations in short time, fulfilling customers with more options and requirements.
Locor will adhere to original intention: Use Locor, Enjoy Locor!


Cooperative brand, professional brand is trustworthy

Defend customer trust with action, and cooperate with more than 10,000 customers