The application of music color photo machine in printing light

date :2018-5-23 15:45:22hits :75author:郑州乐彩

    Many merchants use the light film in the advertisement production, the advertising picture of the light piece material, and the print image of the music color photo machine not only have a beautiful effect on the light piece, but also display quality.

   Around us, there is also a display of lights advertising, such as subway stations, commercial pedestrian streets, shopping malls, bus stations, etc., which are often used in light boxes. In the classification of the lamp, there are different parts of the burner and the back burner. The printing settings are different, but whether it is a positive or a rear burner, the display effect is very satisfactory, and it is easy to attract people. Eyeballs, light box lights can be said to be a beautiful scenery on the streets and nights, which not only can transmit information to play a wide-ranging role, but also for the city's beautiful scenery.

   When making the advertisement screen, especially when the back burner is printed out in the photo machine, you should pay attention to the use of mirror printing. The specific method is to select “Mirror” in the printer settings of the Montaigne software. In the Thai version, the right typesetting is left. If the image is still left, it may make the picture incomplete, especially when the picture and paper width are close. The image is printed after setting the image in Montéli, so that the printed image will be viewed from the back, and the effect will be more obvious, especially under the transmission of light. If it is the material of the positive torch, it will not need to be set by mirroring.

   In addition, after the photo machine printout, the lamp should be placed to avoid scratching the ground associated with the ink after the printout is not completely dry, causing damage to the image and affecting the image. Also, when the light sheet is fed downward, do not let the light sheets overlap, one will be prone to creases, and the other is that it is easy to stick the undried ink together.

    The music color photo machine prints and outputs on the light film, which has good effect, not only the high precision of the print output image, but also the color reproduction of the printed output image is better.