What happened to the photo machine suddenly crashing during normal operation?

date :2018-5-24 15:25:01hits :68author:郑州乐彩

   The photo machine suddenly crashes and stops printing during normal work. What is going on in this situation? The photo machine crash is generally divided into two situations, one is not a complete crash. The performance of this situation is a brief interruption of the print data, but remote The system is still working, and the impact of the complete crash on the photo machine nozzle is not very large. So in general, a non-complete crash will be relatively small if it is handled properly. The other situation is more serious. The photo machine suddenly interrupts the printing work automatically during the work. In this case, we call it a complete crash, and it is difficult to completely repair the crash. This brings relatively large losses and harms to the enterprise or individual. After talking about these situations of the photo machine, then we need to understand the reasons and treatment of these failures in the photo machine.

      Generally speaking, the failure of the photo machine, the common factors are caused by circuit failure, mechanical failure, software failure and external interference. At the same time, a photo machine may crash due to many factors. When encountering such a problem, You should carefully check the symptoms of the photo machine. Only if you find the origin of the symptoms, can you get the right medicine and achieve twice the result with half the effort. Then let's analyze the photo machine from a few points. Everyone knows that the software system of a photo machine is like a human brain. You can think about it: If the brain is abnormal, the brain is definitely not working properly, so you should carefully check each software system of the photo machine to ensure that the software system of the photo machine is in a normal state. Internal and internal interference, such as internal data transmission interference and flare interference. Using high-quality data cables, the fiber has a strong defense against such interference. Sometimes the nozzle motor of the photo machine exchanges DC electric current frequently. In this case, the nozzle motor is damaged, which may also cause a crash.

      The frequent failure of the photo machine has a very large impact on us. It will not only prolong our construction period, but also cause large quantities of materials to be scrapped, which will bring many negative effects to our continued profitability. When you buy a photo machine, you must pay attention to buying a brand that you trust. If you buy a photo machine, you should fully understand the parameters and performance of the equipment. It is best not to buy an assembly machine that is not the original brand on the market. In the process, pay more attention to observation and find out what abnormalities should be dealt with in time.