Things to watch out for when installing Maintop and photo machine drivers

date :2018-5-25 15:37:34hits :99author:郑州乐彩

When the user uses the photo machine, it is often necessary to connect the photo machine to the computer, install the driver and install the Montevideo software, and perform related printing settings on the photo machine. During this operation, the user should pay attention to the following items to ensure that The program installation is completed successfully.

  1. The photo machine is correctly connected to the computer. If it is a USB interface photo machine, check whether the USB data cable is normally transmitted. Is the USB interface of the computer normal? It is recommended that the user connect the motherboard behind the computer as much as possible with the USB interface, because many computer hosts The front USB interface may be connected incorrectly or the USB power supply may not affect the data transmission problem. Do not use the USB transmission data cable for too long. If the photo machine is a network port interface, check whether the lower network cable is normally connected. You can use the relevant line detector for detection. In a simple way, you can see if the surface of the network cable is damaged, and whether the two crystal connectors on the cable are stuck properly. Whether the arrangement is standard.

2, photo machine driver and Montetel installation. After completing the above steps to complete the connection between the computer and the photo machine, the next step is to install the driver and Montetel on the computer. If you are using a USB interface photo machine, after the USB cable is connected to the computer, the computer will find the new hardware and prompt to install the driver. At this time, you can find the relevant driver file for installation, or run the driver directly. After the installation is complete, the next step is the installation of the Montevideo software. Before installation, you need to pay attention to the interception of the relevant computer anti-virus software. The driver or the security software will prompt the interception when installing the software. We can see the prompts and allow the installation according to the relevant prompts. For example, 360 security guards and other anti-virus software may be unknown. Driver or Monte-related files for virus false positives, the installation will intercept or directly delete the relevant files. If the user accidentally intercepts or deletes the files during installation, the driver installation will be unsuccessful, and the installation will be suspended. Or the installation error occurs, and it is possible that Mengtai will not start properly after the installation is completed. Therefore, during installation, the user can temporarily quit the relevant anti-virus software or temporarily stop the anti-virus software monitoring, and then restart the protection after the installation is completed. The last thing to note is that when using Montaigne, remember to access the genuine authorized dongle, so that you can use Montaigne software to typeset and print.

  The above two points are minor problems, but the users of the photo machine should pay attention to the installation of the Montevideo and the photo machine driver. These small problems cannot be ignored.