Why are more and more people starting to use UV flatbed printers?

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    Advantages of UV flatbed printers

      First, what is a UV flatbed printer?

     UV flatbed printer is a new technology that breaks through the inkjet technology and can only print on soft materials. It truly realizes one printing, no plate making, and full color image. It is an important turning point in the history of inkjet. It is a tradition. Printed replacement products. It also marks the birth of inkjet technology into the era of multiple fields.

     Second, the advantages of UV flatbed printer

     1, UV flat nozzle collision avoidance

     The anti-collision function of the nozzle can effectively avoid the damage of the nozzle caused by misoperation. When the sensor at both ends of the cart detects that the position of the nozzle is lower than the thickness of the medium, the trolley will stop immediately to protect the nozzle.

     2, UV flatbed printer high standard, 8 color printing, easy to expand and upgrade

     The 1325 comes standard with a maximum of 6 colors (CMYK + white) 6 nozzle configuration, can be extended according to customer requirements to improve the cost of equipment, Japan Seiko nozzle, can print white ink, white ink to achieve the application of transparent materials or black materials Can be printed in double white and spot color varnish.

     3, UV flatbed printer, medium automatic positioning system

    Automatic media positioning makes the placement of the media easier and simpler, and it is easy to print.

     4, UV flatbed printer automatic detection of media thickness, automatic control of nozzle height

     It can print on any material with a maximum thickness of 10CM. The machine automatically detects the thickness of the media, automatically adjusts the height of the nozzle according to the thickness of the media, improves the automation of production, and the output quality of the image.

     5, UV flatbed printer nozzle automatic cleaning system

     The automatic cleaning system of the nozzle is controlled by software to realize the cleaning and maintenance of the nozzle, so that the nozzle maintenance is intelligent. At the same time, the automatic cleaning function during printing ensures the continuous inkjet output of the machine.

     6, white ink circulation function

     White ink