How to solve the bubble in the ink tube of the piezoelectric photo machine

date :2018-5-28 15:12:38hits :54author:郑州乐彩

In normal use, a piezoelectric photo machine has an entire section of air in an inking line. Sometimes each inking line is filled with air. Many photo machine users are anxious. I don't know what to do?

There is a small amount of air in the upper part of the print cartridge connected to the ink supply system, in order to avoid the phenomenon of ink self-flow caused by the siphon principle. If you see some small air bubbles in the inking line, don't worry, they will be absorbed by the air layer in the upper part of the print cartridge, which is normal.

The air layer on the upper part of the ink cartridge will expand or contract with the change of the indoor air temperature. If the printer is not in use, if the ink line at the interface with the print cartridge does not exceed 150 mm, this is due to the air layer. It is a normal phenomenon caused by expansion. However, if there is an air section in the entire inking line, this is caused by the air leak in the ink tank or the unsealing of the ink jet elbow interface.

If there is a full section of air in one of the inking lines, check the seal at the interface between the injecting elbow and the print cartridge. You can remove the ink-filled elbow and check it, then plug it in again. If each of the inking lines is full of air, check the print cartridge for leaks and replace the cartridge (in most cases the cartridge label is not sealed)

When we used the photo machine, sometimes the machine worked fine on the first day, but after one night, when I went to work the next day, I found that the nozzle could not be inked. I opened the car cover and saw the ink bag. There is no ink in it, but the photo machine can't pump it, but the whole section of the ink tube is air. What is going on?

In this case, there is no need to be nervous. In fact, it is a kind of minor fault. First of all, we must first check whether the photo ink nozzle is connected to the ink tube and there is a broken seal. If there is any, the ink tube is unplugged. , the damaged interface processing leveling and re-installation is fine. If there is no problem here, you can check if there is a gap between the ink cartridge and the ink suction needle. If there is a gap and there is not much ink in the ink cartridge, the air will be extracted when the ink is pumped due to pressure. The ink absorbing needle can be removed and re-examined and installed. If there is no problem in the above two places, then the user needs to fully check whether the ink cartridge of the photo machine is damaged or leaking. If the ink cartridge is damaged, it will cause the ink of the photo machine to leak, which is very harmful to the whole machine. Big harm.