Locor teaches you how to properly install UV flatbed printer nozzles

date :2018-5-30 15:43:51hits :86author:郑州乐彩

     UV flatbed printer nozzles are critical throughout the equipment, and the price of the printheads is high, so be careful when installing. How to properly handle the nozzle and install it correctly? Le Cai manufacturers give you a brief introduction to the standard operation.

      First of all: Before installing the UV flatbed printer, please check whether the device has been powered off, and then push the nozzle to the original position. Do not power on without the device. If the nozzle is not installed, the car will easily break the nozzle as soon as it is moved, and the manpower control will be relatively safe.

      Secondly: When connecting the plug cable, make sure that there is no ink, and the contact with the socket is normal, do not touch the foot, otherwise the nozzle will be burnt due to short circuit.

      Then: the steel shaft should also be smooth and clean, and the steel shaft should be wiped with a paper towel, but do not directly add oil to the shaft, which is easy to produce oil and damage the nozzle.

      Finally: After installing the UV flatbed printer nozzle, gently push the car to move around and check if it is smooth.

      Warm reminder users, UV flatbed printer nozzles whether it is installed or disassembled, there are many problems to be aware of, so non-professionals should not replace it at will, be sure to replace it under the instructions of the manual or the manufacturer, and do not change frequently if it is not necessary. Nozzle, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the safety of the nozzle and equipment.