What are the requirements for inks suitable for piezoelectric photo machines?

date :2018-5-31 15:19:38hits :52author:郑州乐彩

High-precision and high-speed piezoelectric photo machine application can print beautiful pictures in our daily advertising pattern printouts, and realistic and dynamic pattern picture color reproduction, which plays a key role or chooses high-quality color reproduction ink. .

  Ink is the most important printing consumable for photo printers. It works closely with the printing paper media to allow the photo machine to print a perfect advertising image. At the same time, high-quality ink can also protect the use of the photo machine, reduce the jam probability of the photo machine nozzle, greatly extend the life of the photo machine, and provide more stable performance for the photo machine.

What kind of inkjet ink is suitable for the daily use of photo machine? In the ink selection of the photo machine, the inkjet ink is the blood of the inkjet printer photo machine, and the important position of the high quality inkjet ink in the inkjet printer can be clearly illustrated here. In addition, in the photo machine, the nozzle is the most important part of the printing and printing core. The nozzle determines the fineness of the printed image, and the ink determines the color reproduction effect of the printed image. Therefore, the quality and performance of inkjet inks are closely related to the quality of printed images, and also greatly affect the reliability and use of printing systems.

  Therefore, when we choose high-quality photo inkjet inks, the general requirements for the performance and characteristics of inkjet inks include the following:

  Sprayability: It is expressed as two main indicators, namely the viscosity and surface tension of the ink; it is also required to be electrically conductive for continuous inkjet printer inks.

  Reliability: no clogging of the nozzle; compatibility between the inkjet ink components and between the inkjet ink and the inkjet head assembly; storage-stable.

  Image quality: good print quality (ink dot penetration, high optical density, clear print edges), fast fixing on different printing media, water resistance, light resistance, scratch resistance.

  Safety: non-toxic, safe, green, non-flammable, low odor.

  It is very important to choose high-quality inkjet ink. With the advancement of inkjet printing technology, today's domestic inkjet ink consumables are also diversified, and the price is also toward affordable and cheap price. In order to better provide quality for photo machine. Printing conditions, it is recommended that users must choose the original manufacturer of high quality ink, which is more reliable for the stable use of the photo machine.