The importance of piezoelectric photo printer printing accuracy

date :2018-6-2 15:30:36hits :74author:郑州乐彩

In the environment of China's rapid economic development, the development of the advertising market has shown a prosperous scene. The number of new tricks in advertising production is endless, and the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive, such as high-quality outdoor light box advertising, beautiful car stickers, personalized wallpaper, decoration. Painting, simulation, etc., therefore, users are increasingly demanding photo machines.

 In the current situation of digital printing becoming more and more prosperous, the most important point of micro-piezo printing technology is the printing accuracy (DPI) of piezoelectric photo-writing machines. It has always been a place that foreign companies pay more attention to, and the cost of research and development is relatively high. Point; also caused the general concept of imported models higher than the domestic model accuracy (DPI), many domestic well-known printing equipment manufacturers also take the real machine printing accuracy as a selling point of strength.

PI refers to the number of dots that a photo machine can print per inch. It is an important criterion for measuring the quality of printing accuracy, and it is also the most basic indicator for judging the resolution of a printer. In the past, the inkjet printer era 700DPI has been considered appropriate; nowadays it has entered the era of micro-piezoelectric photo machine, piezoelectric printers print accuracy value is also getting larger (1440dpi).

 In the choice of photo machine equipment, the user has very high requirements for the color quality and expressiveness of inkjet printing, because the quality performance of the image color can better reflect the effect of the advertising spray painting surface. The introduction of the music color piezoelectric photo machine! The high recognition of the domestic and foreign customers, high-precision mode, the picture quality is perfectly reflected, the new board control system, using industrial-grade circuit control design to ensure the stability of the machine for long-term work! The rack mechanism has been fully upgraded, and the new aluminum alloy frame structure design, measurement and platform accuracy error is less than 0.02MM!

 Before and after the paper-pressing system, the paper-pressing function is added before and after, and the single-person operation is truly realized! In recent years, the domestic piezoelectric photo machine has been in a state of enthusiasm. The exhibition is full of dazzling and complicated brands. In 2016, everyone must buy a photo machine. Be sure to buy it again!

 It is also hoped that the domestic photo machine manufacturers will work together and develop, let the domestic piezoelectric photo machine get out of the encirclement, although the ordinary domestic machines are now occupying a place in the market by low prices; after a long time, I believe that the Chinese photo equipment will be printed with inkjet Like the equipment, it is firmly dominated by the Chinese market and can also cover the global market.