The choice of photo ink and the amount of ink consumed per square

date :2018-6-4 15:24:50hits :67author:郑州乐彩

In the inkjet printing industry, the photo printer is the main printout device. The ink is closely related to the photo machine. In particular, the piezoelectric photo machine is widely used in the field of inkjet printing. High-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency large-format inkjet printing has been It is the mainstream of the industry, and ink is the main core consumable in inkjet printing. The choice of ink for photo printers and the amount of ink consumed per square is also the information that users pay attention to.

    Ink and photo machine are closely related. If the ink is wrongly selected, it will not only affect the image quality and color effect of the relevant inkjet printout, but also easily damage the nozzle. Seriously, the nozzle will be scrapped, which greatly affects the photo machine. The service life causes irreparable damage. Therefore, when choosing ink, you must purchase the ink of the original manufacturer's photo machine, so that the picture produced has no peculiar smell, relatively safe and secure, and the loss to the machine is relatively small, and the plugging phenomenon rarely occurs. Don't choose cheap or unnamed inks, choose inks carefully and use them reasonably.

Nowadays, due to the fierce competition in the inkjet painting market, some inkjet companies have chosen some of the brand-name inks in order to reduce the production cost. In fact, the ink prices of these small factories are very low, but the quality is not guaranteed, sometimes individual colors. Inadequate ink quality can also cause this phenomenon to occur. The use of such ink is actually not worth the loss, so it is recommended that customers choose a large brand of ink with guaranteed quality. At the same time, there are also concerns about the cost of production, that is, the problem of the amount of ink consumed by the piezoelectric photo machine we use.

   So, how many milliliters of ink per square meter of piezoelectric photo machine? Because the ink loss of inkjet printing is more or less the embodiment of inkjet production cost, I believe this problem is a problem that many friends want to know.

   Under normal circumstances, if it is 80% color coverage, printing about one square meter will take about 10-15 ml. In fact, the amount of ink consumed per square meter of a piezo photo machine is related to the color coverage and the selected print quality. For example, when using the same photo printer to print the same image, if you use 1440DPI and 720DPI to print separately, it costs. The amount of ink is also different, the higher the printing accuracy, the higher the amount of ink consumed. Also, when the photo machine prints out, the selected print PASS output is also different for the ink consumption, such as 4PASS and 6PASS printing, 4PASS ink consumption is relatively small, and the printing speed is also fast, but the printing precision and color The effect is not as good as 6PASS.

   Therefore, if the ink consumption cost and the production time of the inkjet printing are considered, the printing PASS setting related to the photo machine can be printed and printed as needed. At the same time, in daily advertising inkjet printing, Le Cai piezoelectric photo machine can provide you with faster printing speed, better stability, finer printing precision, better ink saving printing, cost saving and improved inkjet printing production. effectiveness.