The following 10 actions will destroy your photo machine nozzle

date :2018-6-5 15:16:50hits :76author:郑州乐彩

    The nozzle is the core component of the photo machine. If it is used and maintained properly, it can reach a life of 8-12 months, but due to some incorrect operation, the life of the nozzle is greatly reduced. After a long period of research, we found 10 behaviors that are most likely to damage the nozzle.

     01 Disassembly nozzles are constantly powered

 The circuit for disassembling the digital printer can be installed freely without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power. This behavior can damage the life of each system, especially the nozzle.

     02 cleaning solution left in the nozzle for more than two days and two nights

   The cleaning solution can be used to remove the stain more effectively for a long time. However, if the soaking time exceeds 48 hours, it may cause corrosion to the nozzle orifice.

     03 Change ink freely without cleaning

   Even with the same ink, the inks produced by different manufacturers contain different components. If you change the ink without cleaning, it may produce more particles and block the nozzle. Therefore, you must clean the nozzle before changing the ink.

     04Use quality ink and cleaning solution

   The quality of the ink will not affect the inkjet effect and block the nozzle. The quality of the cleaning solution may also corrode the nozzle. Do not choose low-cost, low-quality ink and cleaning solution due to small loss. It is best to choose the equipment manufacturer. Ink.

     05 vigorously clean the nozzle with high pressure air gun

   Cleaning the nozzle is a meticulous work. It is not possible to flush the nozzle directly with a high-pressure air gun for quick drawing. If the nozzle is only slightly blocked, it can be gently washed with a needle tube, and an appropriate amount of cleaning liquid can be added to the needle tube to clean the nozzle.

     06 Use your own cleaning products without quality inspection

   The nozzle is very easy to be contaminated and worn. If the quality of the cleaning tool is not good or it is not clean, it may cause secondary pollution to the nozzle. Always ensure that the cleaning product is reliable before cleaning the nozzle.

     07 does not pay attention to protecting the circuit board and other internal systems

   Turn off the power while cleaning, and be careful not to let water touch the board and other internal systems.

     08 Use external force to adjust the position of the nozzle

   Do not use brute force, whether it is to replace or fine-tune the nozzle. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the specifications.

     09 does not pay attention to static protection

   Digital printer printing is greatly affected by static electricity, so you can't directly touch the nozzle with your hand. Wear protective gloves when you maintain the nozzle. Also check the connection of the ground wire frequently. Regularly spray a little salt water around the ground wire.

    10 long time use ultrasonic cleaning to clean the nozzle

   In fact, if you pay attention to the maintenance of the nozzle, you do not need to perform ultrasonic cleaning at all. Ultrasound can adversely affect the nozzle. Ultrasonic cleaning can be performed unless the nozzle is clogged, and the cleaning time should not exceed 3 minutes.

The nozzle is the core component of the printer, so it is important to clean and maintain the nozzle in the correct way to extend the life of the nozzle.