A few notes on the photo machine printing CorelDRAW design pictures

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     CorelDRAW is a very popular design software for advertising graphic design. In the clever design of the designer, combined with high-precision piezoelectric photo machine for inkjet printing, it can create a lot of perfect effect advertising image.

      The printout of the photo machine is not printed and printed directly after printing after the image screen is finished. The print output methods supported by the domestic photo machine on the market are all printed by using the relevant RIP software. For example, the Mongolian software, which is well known in the printing industry, introduces the designer's designed pictures, layout and related settings, and then prints the printouts by connecting the photo machine to complete a compelling advertisement image.

      The graphic design, illustrator (referred to as AI) and CorelDraw (CDR) are commonly used in graphic design. CorelDraw is the best in large-size advertising image design, especially in advertising design with more graphic materials. Design software. However, the pictures designed in CorelDRAW have been worked on the inkjet printing of the photo machine. Pay attenion to the following items, so as to better ensure that the photo machine prints high quality images.

      The first is to pay attention when exporting CorelDRAW:

      When CorelDRAW software exports bitmaps, it cannot exceed 10,000 pixels, otherwise it will flatten the screen. At this time, you need to cut the picture. The cut piece can't exceed 10,000 pixels, and only need to cut at most three pieces. Because there are more than 30,000 pixels, Photoshop has no way to process files.

      The color mode requirements for CorelDRAW design:

      The CMKY mode is used uniformly for inkjet printing, and the RGB mode is prohibited. Because the modes supported by large-format inkjet printing devices such as photo printers and inkjet printers are all CMYK mode, and the RGB mode is used to convert the image to CMYK mode, the color will change, the most obvious is yellow, RBG mode. After the yellow color is changed to CMYK mode, the yellow color will be cyan, so that the yellow color will be green, and the other colors will change as well. Because the imaging principle of the ink and display is completely different, it is determined that the RGB mode cannot be completely used in CMYK mode. To show. Therefore, inkjet and photo are still trying to adopt CMYK mode. Therefore, when doing the drawing, you should follow the CMYK standard, and the photo should also use the CMKY mode.

      CorelDRAW design black color requirements:

      Monochrome black (C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100) is strictly forbidden in inkjet and photo. C, M, Y, and K must be composed of four colors black. CMYK letters mean Cyan, magenta Magenta, yellow yellow. , K is actually black. For example, Photoshop's default black (C=75 M=68 Y=67 K=90), otherwise there will be crossbars on the black part of the painting surface, and the monochrome black will be gray, which will affect the overall effect; therefore, the music advertising equipment is recommended for everyone to use. When designing the PS, if you use the RGB color mode in the design, you can use the PS menu - Image - Mode - to adjust to CMYK mode, check whether the black is monochrome black or four black, if it is single Color black (K100), please adjust to four-color black (CMYK each percentage, black can be adjusted according to needs). In the color palette of CorelDRAW design software, the black swatch selection is often monochrome black, so when designing the fill black, please adjust the monochrome black to four-color black for filling.

      CorelDRAW export JPG image requirements:

      After the designer's design, CorelDRAW exports the JPG format image file, which facilitates the import, layout and printout of the post image in Montevideo software. At present, Montevideo supports JPG, TIF and other formats of image printing, while PSD or CDR, PDF format The file could not be imported into Monte Print. Therefore, when using CorelDRAW to export JPG format images, pay attention to the actual output size of the image, and divide the desired resolution. For the exported color mode, please select CMYK mode. There is also a point worth noting here. When using CorelDRAW to export JPG images, when Monterey is imported, Montetel can't display properly, the whole black area of the image appears, or the prompt for importing the wrong image format is displayed. The simple solution given by the color advertising device, please save the JPG format image exported by CorelDRAW using PS or related viewing software, and then re-use the Monteto import image file to solve.