Note that the use of the printer in the indoor environment with high temperature

date :2018-6-9 15:29:20hits :103author:郑州乐彩

        Recently the heat hit, if the indoor temperature is too high how to do? What do I need to pay attention to when using hot weather photo machine?

     Photo machine of high-quality use, usually to do a good job in the use of the correct operation and good maintenance, especially in the high-temperature photo machine Indoor working environment, we must do a good job in the relevant maintenance operations, so that the photo machine to better maintain the best inkjet printing status.

The high temperature environment has a great influence on the inkjet printing of the photo machine, which will not only affect the normal inkjet printing and drawing effect of the photo machine, but also have some influence on the electronic components related to the photo machine, precision element accessories, board accessories, printing media and image color. For example, excessive photo machine working at room temperature, high temperature easy to cause the overall temperature of the control board is high, affecting the Board on the relevant electronic components, control chips, such as high temperature, if the poor heat dissipation directly affect the printing performance of the photo machine, and even easy to high temperature caused by the chip or circuit damage.

On the other hand, ink supply fluency, viscosity and so on are also susceptible to high temperature effects. For example, the viscosity of the ink will change with the temperature of the environment, the viscosity will directly affect the photo machine out of the ink situation.

Therefore, in the daily use of the photo machine environment, it is recommended that the working environment temperature of 20-35 ℃, if the photo machine working room temperature is too high, please do a good job in the relevant cooling operation, to maintain the ventilation of the indoor environment, can be opened by air conditioning to cool down, adjust the indoor operating temperature and ventilation heat dissipation.