Outdoor printer ink solution (for reference only)

date :2018-6-11 15:17:54hits :81author:郑州乐彩

    Outdoor photo Machine maintenance Work users can not be ignored, develop a good photo machine maintenance habits not only to make you work handy, but also can greatly extend the service life of the photo machine. Today, what we are going to tell is that the photo machine in the use of the process of a string of ink situation.

  Below for everyone unified collection under the solution of Serial Ink Fault method: (for reference only.)

     Method One: First check the photo machine is not the ink sac rupture, caused by the string ink, if the ink sac rupture is recommended to replace the ink sac, followed by the internal nozzle perforation (such as hot foaming photo machine nozzle), that only replace the nozzle.

     Method Two: In the case of nozzle is not bad, the string ink may be due to your use of cleaning liquid bubble nozzle, in this recommendation generally do not soak too long. In addition, if the machine has been using the words can be more washed and cleaned under the nozzle on the good, do not need to always soak the nozzle.

     Method Three: Serial ink Most of the cases are caused by negative pressure, you can check whether the bottle cover you supply ink is screwed too tight? If this condition can be the bottle cap false cover to try;

 Method Four: Just turn on the time will be like this, especially the domestic machine, cleaning two or three times, if there is still noise, it is recommended 100 yellow 100 Red 100 blue color block, printing test about a meter, basically can be typed out.

    Method Five: The photo machine nozzle scraper is dirty, clean or adjust and the position of the nozzle.

     If the above method comes from the Internet, the specific situation of everyone's specific analysis, often these methods for you to simply solve the photo machine string ink glitch.