Weak solvent oily ink and water-based ink commonly used in piezoelectric printer

date :2018-6-12 15:23:47hits :116author:郑州乐彩

      Piezoelectric photo machine is divided into indoor and outdoor two types, the reason why there are indoor and outdoor photo machine points, their main difference is in what type of ink machine use, such as our commonly used weak solvent ink, water-based ink, such as the two types of ink is currently the photo machine inkjet machine commonly used ink type, outdoor weak solvent ink, Ink with waterproof sunscreen, inkjet printout color picture weather resistance is good, outdoor environment application durable, not easy to fade and color reduction, that is, we commonly call oily ink, and weak solvent ink has the same outdoor application characteristics of oily ink, but more environmentally friendly than oily ink, less odor, and so on, many photo machines use this type of ink , indoor water-based ink, not waterproof and long-term sun exposure, usually only applicable to the indoor application environment, because it is easy to fade when water or rain, long time outdoor environment is easy to fade color or fade.

      Eco solvent ink or environmentally friendly solvent ink, has begun in recent years in the outdoor solvent-based digital inkjet market popular, high safety, low volatile green solvent outdoor inkjet, in keeping the water-based ink production of the advantages of high screen accuracy at the same time, but also overcome the water-based ink on the substrate harsh and the production of the screen can not be applied in the outdoors Therefore, the eco solvent ink between water-based and solvent-based ink, taking into account the advantages of both, its characteristics are as follows.

      1, beautiful color rich, realistic effect, broad color gamut, excellent color e­xpression;

   2, waterproof, wear resistance, long time use is not easy to fade and reduce;

   3, the use of high-quality raw materials, fluency, good dispersion stability, not easy to plug the head;

    4, outdoor e­xpression lasting, good color reduction, can resist the impact of strong light, to prevent color fading;

   5, environment-friendly outdoor ink, the smell is small.

     The main characteristics of water-based ink is low cost, no pollution, bright color, but because of its main component of water evaporation speed is slow, by water-based ink inkjet screen is not easy to dry and absorbed by the media (it requires a special coating of the medium), its main use in paper and a variety of fibers (cloth) for the substrate, coated media, Images, usually made from waterborne inks, are mainly used in households because of poor weather resistance.

     Photo Machine inkjet machine and other inkjet printing large side of the advertising spray painting surface, color beautiful rich, realistic effect, not only reached the role of advertising publicity products, more prosperous business era decorate a beautiful scenery.