Reasons and solutions for not taking ink on the print head

date :2018-6-13 15:52:03hits :93author:郑州乐彩

       In this era of advertising everywhere, photo machine has become a popular thing, can be said to be a necessary machine for advertising companies, but in the use of photo machine, there will always be a few problems, and today's small series I will tell a common problem and solution.

       In the daily use of photo machine, it is possible to encounter a color of the nozzle is not out of ink, or the ink is small, this time you can check their own photo machine nozzle and ink cartridges, the two parts, their own solution to the problem。
       Now give you the way to solve the solution, the first nozzle blockage, nozzle blockage is the most common problem, this time needs to be the nozzle inside the ink cleaning off, and then with a syringe to add air extrusion, sewage from the nozzle discharge.

     The second is the ink cartridge problem, ink cartridges also have two cases, one is the ink cartridge damaged, need to replace the ink cartridge, one is the ink cartridge inside the air overload, so that the pressure is not enough, the ink supply does not go up, which requires themselves to discharge the air inside. The above method in the face of the photo machine nozzle can not ink when the self-check.