What should I pay attention to when loading a printer?

date :2018-6-14 15:34:25hits :108author:郑州乐彩

  Photo Machine printing operation needs to match the photo machine paper, seemingly simple paper but its role in printing can not be ignored. Today we will introduce you to how to properly install the photo machine paper and photo machine in the paper operation of some common problems in the introduction.

    How exactly should the photo machine reinstall the paper?

      When the photo machine supplies run out, such as paper, first will be the residual paper from the photo machine behind the retractor, take out the paper to be replaced from the back of the paper to plug in, and then in the photo machine Operation Control Panel on the "Load Printing Carrier" button, the photo machine will automatically send the paper into the photo machine printing azimuth.

     Photo machine manufacturers need to remind the user of the photo machine, in the installation of good paper, photo machine paper must be put forward, and thus avoid in the photo machine to play the process of skew. In order to avoid the use of photo machine work for you to cause loss and waste, in order to bring good benefits to your work.

     In addition, remind the vast number of photo machine users If you find that the photo machine has been into the paper situation, please check the stepper motor line and motherboard connection There is a problem of poor contact or disconnection, there may be due to the stepper motor problems (you can consider replacing the photo machine stepper motor).