Maintenance for UV Flatbed Printer

date :2018-11-15 15:59:11hits :137author:郑州乐彩

1, to ensure that the UV flatbed printer around the environment clean. Too much dust in the working environment, easy to lead to poor lubrication of the car guide shaft, so that the printhead in the printing process of the movement is blocked, resulting in inaccurate printing position or impact of the mechanical frame caused damage and crash. When the printhead does not return to its original position and is rebooted, the printer first causes the printhead to return to its original position, and then cleans the nozzle, which can result in unnecessary waste of ink. The solution to this problem is to often wipe off the dust on the guide shaft and lubricate the guide shaft (choose a lubricant with better fluidity, such as a sewing machine oil). 

2, you must ensure that the UV flatbed printer has a solid working platform, do not place any items at the top of the UV flatbed printer. The printer must close its front cover when printing to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard items to hinder the movement of the printer cart. Disable the electrically plugged printer cable, which can damage the printer's print port and the PC's parallel port, and can severely damage the PC's motherboard. If the printout is not clear, use the printer's automatic cleaning function to clean the nozzle, but consume a small amount of ink. If the printing is still not satisfactory after several consecutive cleaning, the ink may have run out and the print cartridge needs to be replaced. 

3, before shutting down, let the printhead back to its original position (the printer is paused and the printhead automatically returns to its original position). This is to avoid the next time the printer re-cleaning nozzle operation waste ink, and second, because the nozzle in the initial position can be sealed by the protective cover, so that the nozzle is not easy to clog.

 4, ink cartridges need regular correction: printers with experience in the use of the printer know that the printer after reloading the ink cartridge or changing the new ink cartridge to correct the printer, in order to improve printing accuracy and print quality.

 5, the ink cartridge is not used up, it is best not to remove, so as not to cause ink waste or the printer on the ink metering error. 

6, ink cartridges in the long-term non-use should be placed at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight. Because in this environment the ink evaporates quickly, it is easy to cause the nozzle blockage. In addition, in the low temperature and humid environment, the printhead circuit and ink are prone to problems. 

7, when changing the ink cartridge must follow the steps in the operating manual, pay special attention to the power on the state of the operation to do the above. Since the print cartridge is replaced, the printer will charge the ink conveyor system, which will not be possible in the shutdown state, nor can the printer detect the cartridge on the reinstallation. In addition, some printers measure ink capacity using electronic counters inside the printer (especially in the statistics of color ink usage), and when the counter reaches a certain value, the printer determines that the ink is exhausted. During the cartridge replacement process, the printer resets its internal electronic counters to confirm that a new cartridge is installed. 

8, in addition, UV flatbed printer grating, but also to do a good job of protection, do not use the hand to touch, do not let it contaminated with dust, in order to prevent positioning is not allowed.