Tips for High Resolution Print and Cut

date :2018-11-21 15:56:35hits :108author:郑州乐彩

What problems should we pay attention to in the process of high precision inkjet cutting? The small part believes that the following aspects of the problem, we can not ignore.

 In the high-precision inkjet cutting process, high-precision inkjet into the paper should be very careful to check the screen if there is hair and other things, try to clean up. Once the coating is complete, go to the "cut" job. Apply high-precision inkjet automatic cutting paper. For the screen size and paper difference between the large need to cut, to cut neatly. When we cut the film, also the use of scissors along the marking, because this will be convenient in the coating of

High-precision inkjet requirements for the cooperation of personnel is very high, a successful laminating work is the "feed" "pull film" and "rock" highly coordinated results. The film is flattened and fed to ensure that the lateral deflection is not produced during the movement of the membrane and is not squeezed. Then, pull up the membrane and steady the rollers when the membrane is about to head.

 High-precision inkjet can let "rock" slowly shake, see no problem can be a uniform forward to the end. Pull the film hard to ensure the end of the flat. At this time, the film-pulling Droop protective film at the same time "feed" can be the picture into (one end of the screen Qingpingzi), to ensure that the picture is flattened, both sides and the film parallel.