UV Roll Printer Applications in Wall Papper Decoration

date :2018-11-22 15:56:09hits :128author:郑州乐彩

      Background wall painting UV photo machine is the product of traditional color printing and computer digital combination, overcome the shortcomings of traditional color printing, such as small batches, rapid production of finished products, colorful and complex, cumbersome process, environmental protection and other issues, greatly bring economic profits. Wallpaper mural It refers to a kind of pattern which is composed of different colors of ink spray painting by first drawing through the computer, then by the UV photo machine machine inkjet carving painting. It is a perfect embodiment of modern industry, through the role of machinery, strengthen the production efficiency. and wall stickers can be said to adapt to the progress of the times, is the product of the Times. UV photo machine using UV light curing ink in different media surface through UV LED lamp curing, can quickly dry the image, colorful, full of stereoscopic sense, at the same time the image is not easy to fade, with waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-scraping and other characteristics.