Outdoor Materials Applications

date :2018-11-26 15:58:22hits :120author:郑州乐彩

There are many kinds of photographic machine media, such as PP paper, back glue, outdoor media, light box and so on. And cloth is often used in indoor printing media. So, what areas does it mainly apply to? Below we do a brief introduction: 

First, photography and stage background; photography, camera and stage background often need strong light irradiation, the use of paper, plastic and other smooth materials will have a high reflective point, the use of cloth can be a good solution to this problem, especially now has a dedicated background cloth can do completely no high point of light, And the colors are the same at every angle. 

Second, exhibition display, the most common exhibition scene layout, on the one hand is the use of cloth and other materials completely different nature, break the display board, frame and other hard materials of the unified, so that the exhibition is more vibrant and aesthetic, on the other hand, cloth to make the exhibition is more easy to carry. 

Third, the commercial advertising industry, for example, restaurants, shopping malls and other services used in the announcement, can also be applied to screens, inflatable structure, etc., has the convenience of disassembly and opening, less space, does not affect the normal business. 

Four, decoration industry, decorative decoration wallpaper and wall-mounting materials are cloth, oil painting and silk painting imitation used is also cloth.