China Made Eco Solvent Printer Market

date :2018-11-27 15:37:07hits :115author:郑州乐彩

Now domestic piezoelectric photo machine with its price, cost performance and other advantages gradually occupy the domestic market, the wings plentiful, but also more and more industries began to use piezoelectric photo machine. This is from the fundamental requirements to meet the needs of users, and which printing needs to meet the user's use of piezoelectric photo machine to achieve business opportunities? Today, lottery photo machine manufacturers to share with you is the piezoelectric photo machine can meet which printing needs. as follows: 

1. Photo Display board 

2. Special glass (art glass)

 3. Wedding Photography 

4. Display

 5. No frame painting 

6. Packaging design Sample 

7. Guide Identification

 8. Typesetting proofs 

9. Signage, etc., is enough to cover most industries.