Opionions on Light & Dark Color Sublimation Paper Applications

date :2018-11-29 15:45:54hits :152author:郑州乐彩

Thermal transfer paper can be hot stamping patterns with inkjet printer output, and then printed on the clothes. It is mainly divided into light heat transfer paper and dark thermal transfer paper. Light color transfer paper suitable for printing white and other light clothing, dark heat transfer paper suitable for printing black and other dark clothes.

 Dark transfer paper, it is a kind of hot transfer paper, mainly printed dark clothing, because the color of dark clothing is too deep, covering other colors strong ability, so the need for special media to print the picture, and this needs to use a special dark transfer paper! 

It is up to the small editor to introduce its characteristics, advantages, operations and matters to be aware of it.

Features: Strong adhesion, no wrinkles, elasticity, no heavy sense, if in the case of limited conditions, can be printed with ordinary ink, more saving supplies! Advantages: Suitable for transfer: Dark T-Shirts, backpacks, hats, clothes, clothing (100% pure cotton, 50% cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, synthetic fiber) personality transfer.

Operating instructions: Dark transfer paper has a layer of film, to be removed after the transfer, and transfer dark clothes do not need to print mirror!

Precautions: Pay attention to distinguish between light color transfer paper and dark transfer paper! Dark Thermal transfer paper has a layer of film, light color is not!