How to Choose High Quality UV Inks

date :2018-12-1 15:48:45hits :130author:郑州乐彩

   UV Flatbed printers are divided into two categories, namely indoor UV flatbed printers and outdoor UV flatbed printers, using ink for water-based ink and outdoor solvent-based ink, in which solvent-based ink has a strong smell and corrosion, in the printing process ink through corrosion into the inside of the printing material, so that the image is not easy to fade, So it has waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-scraping and other characteristics. Today's small series for you to introduce the piezoelectric UV flatbed printer use of ink purchase:

   There are two main types of water-soluble ink: dye ink and pigment ink. Dye ink is a molecular grade of fully dissolved ink, this ink is a complete composite solution, the probability of plugging head is very small, after printing easy to be absorbed by the material, colorful, and low cost. The disadvantage is that it is not waterproof, and because the dye molecules break down quickly under ultraviolet radiation, the outdoor ultraviolet rays can be used within one months to significantly fade. The advantages are colorful, hierarchical and the price is also lower than the pigment type of ink, so it is the first choice for printing pictures, making color spray business cards and other uses of the preferred products. 

    Pigment ink is the solid pigment is ground into very small particles, dissolved in a special water solvent, is a suspended solution. In contrast to the principle that dye ink seeps into the medium and then forms color, it is colored by the surface of the color material attached to the medium (such as copy paper or paper, etc.). Therefore, the advantage is to use pigment ink to print, even if printed on ordinary paper will not bleed ink, and because the pigment itself waterproof, also not easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet light, so its water resistance is strong, but also resistant to light, printed things even in the outdoor use can be maintained for more than a year without obvious signs of fading. The downside is that most pigment inks make the surface residual color, so even printing on flat sheets of paper, such as glossy paper, does not print glossy images, which is why things that are generally printed in pigment ink are glossy. In addition, pigment ink manufacturing costs are higher, so the price is also more expensive than dye ink, its spread of more than two to four times times. Finally, it is recommended that Le color UV tablet printer users choose manufacturers to recommend ink, because manufacturers recommend ink is their long-term testing and selected from a variety of ink, is the best match for this brand UV flat-panel printer.