UV Flatebd Printer Error Solutions

date :2018-12-25 16:06:11hits :499author:郑州乐彩

UV Flatbed printer in the printing pattern process, sometimes there will be printing error exceeding the situation, this problem is generally caused by poor contact with the decoder, decoder damage, raster offset, picture array overload, printing direction is wrong, software damage of these six reasons. 

1, UV flatbed printer decoder contact Bad solution: Check whether the decoder interface position is loose, tighten can be; 

2, UV flatbed printer Decoder damage Solution: Contact the original equipment manufacturers, re-mail the new decoder can, it is important to note that different models of device decoder is Not the same;

 3. UV Tablet Printer Raster offset solution: Reset the position of the grating bar deviation can be, if the grating bar is damaged, replace a new one;

 4,  printer picture array over-limit solution: PS software or mapping software shrinkage Small pattern size, do not exceed the array range can be; 

5,  printing direction wrong solution: Print control software modified under the wrong print direction value can be; 

6,  printing software damage solution: Reinstall the print control software is But the damage to the general software is due to the antivirus software error, the software needs to be added to the whitelist. Also do not casually insert the unknown U disk, part of the U disk carried by the virus can damage the UV Flat Panel printer control software.