Why Clothing/Fabric PET film Technoly is so hot recently?

date :2020-11-12 17:31:12hits :252author:郑州乐彩

New printing process

1.Fully automatic

2.No engraving and no waste discharge

3.Natural hollow

4.White ink circulation

5.Fine pattern

6.Environmentalprotection and pollution-free


1.New printing process

2.Fully automatic

3.No engraving and no waste discharge

4.Natural hollow

5.White ink and color ink come out at the same time

6.White ink circulation

7.Fine pattern

8.Environmental protection and pollution-free

Working process

1.Prepare design.

2.Printed on PET film , using CMYK+WHITE textile pigment ink.

3.Sprinkle powder, shake powder, heating PET film.

4.Transfer on T-shirt with heat press machine.