Detection Methods for Print head Faults

date :2021-6-18 15:26:33hits :208author:郑州乐彩

Tips for detecting the problem that the print head of the photo machine does not produce ink:

1: There are broken lines, horizontal print, color cast, and a certain color can not be printed in the printing of the photo machine. Most of them are the failure of the ink supply system, not the nozzle clogging. First check the ink supply system of the printer, such as ink cartridges, ink tubes, ink sacs and ink capacity. First, check whether the ink in the ink cartridge is insufficient, and whether the ink tube is leaking or damaged; secondly, check whether the ink sac is damaged. If there is no problem with the photo machine accessories, the user can use the ink pumping and cleaning nozzle operations that come with the photo machine to clean two or three times, and then print a test strip to observe whether the printing is normal.

2: Eliminate the influence of the above-mentioned ink supply system failure and the nozzle cleaning operation is not effective, the nozzle still does not print ink or lack a certain color, at this time, the nozzle can be manually pumped and cleaned and the nozzle can be judged whether it is damaged. The method is: remove the nozzle first, and be careful when removing the nozzle, and do not scratch the surface of the nozzle. Use a glass syringe to draw about 40ml of special cleaning fluid, and inject it from the ink supply tube interface on the top of the nozzle. Pay attention to the state of the water line sprayed from the nozzle. If all the water lines are straight, the cleaning is effective. This nozzle can Continue to use (Note: the circuit and piezoelectric crystal are intact.) If manual ink filling and cleaning still cannot be solved, you can use immersion to solve the nozzle clogging failure, and pour an appropriate amount of special cleaning fluid into a clean glass container. After entering the nozzle, it is advisable to submerge the bottom of the nozzle by 2~3mm, and then seal the glass container with plastic wrap (to prevent dust) and let it stand for more than 1 day. Note that the signal interface on the top of the print head must not be in contact with the cleaning fluid, otherwise the print head will be damaged.

3: The above cleaning operation of the nozzle without ink is still unable to solve, it can basically be judged that the nozzle is damaged, and the nozzle needs to be replaced at this time.