Professional A3 DTF Printing Equipment Manufacturer DTF Printer with 2Pcs XP600 Heads for Any Fabric TshirtHot sale products

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1.pngLocor A3 DTF Printing Solution have 3 parts:

(1)Pigment ink Sublimation printer

(2)Shaking Powder machine

(3)Heat press and the printing consumables(Optional).


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4.pngWhy Choose Locor A3 DTF T-shirt Printer?

Advantages of DTF Printing solution:

(1) Suit for any background color and any fabric type T-shirt, such as high-elastic fabrics, nylon fabrics, chemical fabrics, swimwear, denim, PVC, EVA, etc.

(2) Coonvenient, high efficency and low cost: One-stop hollow printing, no cutting plotter, time and labor saving.

(3)Consumables is cheaper,and output is better than common sublimation printing, soft touch, washable and stretchable.

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7.pngDTF Printer Types Comparison