Zhengzhou Locor Technology Co., Ltd was found in year 2005, is a professional manufacturer of large format printers. We design and research independently, also with standard production management. Besides, we have established distribution channels at domestic and overseas.  Our brand “Locor” have been accepted by many customers all over the world.
We have applied for 52 items patents, 10 items of them are inventions. We was regarded as a high technology corporation by Henan Province Science and Technology department in year 2008, then all models have passed CE certification . In December 2012, “Locor” was authorized “famous brand” by Henan Provincial government. 
Zhengzhou Locor Technology Co., Ltd has registered capital 26,000,000RMB, and many young members built a “rising sun” team, which constantly challenge, built factories at Shanghai , Dongguan and Kanagawa Japan, also built a branch company in Miami USA,  Europe. We continue to make great effort, to research & develop more products , try to meet requirements of all customers.


  Zhengzhou Locor Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 26 million RMB. The company has a young, efficient, united and innovative elite team, and an entrepreneurial environment that catches up with the international advanced level, leads the development of the Chinese industry.

 Locor pays attention to the research and application development of independent technology in the field of printing equipment,has established a company technology research and development center, equipped with advanced equipment and testing instruments with a good R&D experimental environment. The company's technical department cooperates with many research institutes at home and abroad, uses the current new micro-electromechanical and micro-electronic technology to conduct exploratory research and development. It is used in printer print head drive analysis, rack manufacturing, testing, control system design, trial production, etc. Unique insights and innovative inventions.

    Locor has applied for 51 patents related to digital printing equipment, including 3 invention patents; in 2008, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Henan Science and Technology Department, has passed the EU CE certification in 2008; in May 2010, Zhengzhou Development and Reform Commission Approved the establishment of Zhengzhou Digital Wide-format Printing Equipment Engineering Research Center and listed it in the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Electronic Information Industry; In June 2010, it officially started the shareholding system reform and became the first batch of new three-board enterprises in Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

At present, Locor products and service organizations have covered more than 180 countries and regions in 31 provinces and cities in China and overseas; Locor are willing to work together with friends in the industry to provide satisfactory products and services for domestic and foreign customers!


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