Locor Hybrid 3D UV Printer Large Flatbed and Roll to Roll Printer with I3200 Printheads

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1.pngMajor Advantages:

(1). High-strength rack; Ink stack adopts strike-touch cap station design and easy to adjust.
(2). Leisai dual servo motor control. Original Leadshine Brushless Motor.
(3). High-quality mechanical components and THK Guide to ensure that the machine in the printing process,fast speed, high precision, smooth operation.
(4). The nozzle is equipped with anti-collision sensors on both sides, which helps to avoid collisionsbetween the nozzle and obstacles, effectively protects the nozzle and reduces losses.
(5)Auto-lifting platform,support material that with 15-20cm height, auto height detection device.

2.pngUV Hybird Ptinter Details:


uv hybird printer.png

3.pngUV Hybird Printer Applications



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